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The Libra FM is a broadcasting medium providing Entertainment, Information and Education to the Libra FM Community across Pakistan and worldwide. The Libra FM is the leading provider of media and entertainment for Friends of Libra FM and Listeners of Libra FM culture nationally in Pakistan and globally. As part of our innovation and drive to improve the services we provide to our community of listeners/ Friends of Asia and to support businesses, companies and organizations by providing access to our community of listeners and ensuring information and services reach our community at local, national and international level, on behalf of the management team at Next Step Initiative, it gives us a pleasure and honor to introduce The Libra FM . We hope you all enjoy our programs and look forward working together and feel free to send us your feedback if you have any additional information, corrections or updates. We Simply Play THE BEST Hits From Around The World. We search all the hits from around the world and make the selection of the best hits. All the best top songs from around English, Pakistani & Indian. No boundaries for our Team. With fascinating mix of programming covering entertainment, education, communities, social issues and everything else in between, Libra FM is en route to becoming the premier radio network in the world! Our regular programs includes Religious Programs, Health, Beauty, Fashion, National & International days coverage, Special Events Coverage, National Unity, Talk shows, Youth shows, Kids Time, Sports roundup, IT related programs along with latest hits of Pakistani, Indian, English, Arabic etc Pop, Folk, Film and Top of the Charts Music for our listeners. OUR programming philosophy exemplifies music, epitomizes self-expression and crafts itself as the dynamic voice of the young, proud, patriotic Libra FM. For that reason, WE can best be described as Desi funk, in its eastern, western, progressive and pleasurable entirety. WE keep the listeners simultaneously local and global. WE go all out to entertain, encourage, and educate youth, as well as other demographics. WE also acts as a platform where musicians can grow, promoting WORLD music and culture as well as respect for values and traditions. WE believe in giving WORLD’s youth an opportunity to enjoy and express themselves, thus entrenching the ideals of a promising life and the values ofa meaningful existence firmly into their minds. Just Like OTHER FM Radios ,Here you can enjoy Free Music & Listen Live Rjs. If You want to listen New Rocking Music Live Or Urdu & Hindi Music, Indian & Pakistani Music, Pop,Rock,Folk,Desi, Classical & Classic Music then do join Libra FM Family here you can get Free Radio You can Listen to Your Favorite Rj’s .So any where you are in the world just log on to “” .Listen your choice Live with Rj’s & Send Messages to your loved ones & dedicate them songs. Here, you can read our news items, view pictures, interact with staff and remain abreast of all that goes on in the Libra FM community.In this era of technological advancement, this website aims to provide you quality free entertainment.

For Live Call & Message : 034 88 13 14 15

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Libra Network Media Center

Near Al-Shahbaz Hotel Dhulli Road Bagh Azad Kashmir